Gamification is the next big thing in engaging customers, boosting brand loyalty, increasing awareness, and so much more! It’s not just a trend that comes and goes. In fact gamification elements like points, badges, and rewards have been around since forever! Remember getting a gold star waaay back in preschool and how it motivated you to study? Well, that’s pretty much what gamification is about.

Many companies have tried a lot of marketing gimmicks and one of the very few things the successful attempts have in common is the element of FUN. What’s great about gamification is that it makes ordinary tasks such as running, buying a cup of coffee, or washing clothes using your favorite brand of detergent rewarding. For example, you can earn rewards like points, badges, or even freebies simply by patronizing a brand. The intrinsic rewards(sense of joy) and extrinsic rewards (exclusive items) they get motivates them to stay loyal to your brand. Isn’t that fun?

Want more?
Here are what researchers say about gamification:

  • The size of the gamification market, currently estimated at around $100 million, will grow to more than $2.8 billion by 2016 -m2

  • Gamification vendors report that 47% of client implementations revolve around user engagement, with brand loyalty accounting for 22% and brand awareness 15% of implementations. -m2

  • Tech stakeholders and analysts generally believe the use of game mechanics, feedback loops, and rewards will become more embedded in daily life by 2020 -Pew Research