Stadio by Rocket Concepts creates a thoughtful, systematic and artistically designed gamified products and services that’s sure to engage your customers or workforce, boost sales, and promote retention.

In the development process, we take into account your end-users, their behavior and what motivates them to learn or stick to your brand. We’ll then collaborate with you to identify create a customized system that will boost their brand loyalty even further. We’ll create everything from the user-interface and all the game elements.

As if that wasn’t good enough, the system we’ll create for you will gather relevant data so you can better understand your business and it’s customers.

What we do

Gamebased Programs

Do you want to offer something different to your employees or your brand? Our team of developers can create various gamified experiences that they can access using their desktops. From employee lifestyle apps where they can join and compete in company health programs or sales performance apps that track the progress and reward top-sellers, Stadio can do it for you.


Okay, let me guess. You are tired of the traditional ways of engaging your users and you want to do something different? We'd love to help you out. We at Stadio provide consultation services to help you craft a gamified program to boost your brand presence or improve employee performance. Let's have meet over coffee and talk how to add fun to your brand.

Data Analytics

Our website and mobile applications are equipped with ninjas that collect data about your consumers, products, and of course you as a company. Stadio's data analytics can provide valuable data to help improve your brand or your company.