Rocket Concepts, a digital marketing startup in the Philippines has been in the digital marketing industry since 2011 and they have seen a lot of boring and bland digital marketing initiatives from the traditional social media contests, to unstructured games, and so much more.

They wondered – is there something out there that can spark interest and engage the people in ways traditional tools can’t? After sleepless nights of finding the answer (and just staring at nothing) we arrived at this conclusion: FUN SELLS.

This is the reason why companies like American Airlines, Starbucks, and Nike are successful! They turn simple tasks like running enjoyable through intrinsic and extrinsic rewards like the sense of accomplishment and freebies, respectively!

Then it became Rocket Concepts’ mission to help companies and save them from the bland and boring through gamification. That’s when Stadio is born.

The name Stadio came latin words stadia (race course) and ludo (game). When combined which means a place for games. *cue: Aaaaaah*

Our aim is simple: To make the world a better place by making it fun for everyone one app at a time through gamification.